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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you listing my house on the MLS?

We are not licensed real estate brokers and do not list your house on the MLS. If we decide to sell your house, we will sell to a current, long-term tenant, we will advertise and sell it ourselves, or we will list with a licensed broker.

Why can you get me more than a real estate agent?

A real estate agent has laws that prevent them from telling buyers what your best offer currently is. They can only ask if the buyer’s offer is their ‘highest and best offer.’ This results in only one opportunity for a potential buyer to out-bid your current offer, and they can’t even know what their bid needs to be. On the other hand, we can legally tell a buyer what the high offer is, give them a chance to beat it, then return to the original high bidder to see if they want to raise their offer. This allows us to have multiple rounds of offers from the same group of buyers, and this gives you the most the market can handle for your house!

How do you determine a fair offer for my property?

This depends on what you need. We employ so many strategies that there is no ‘one size fits all’ or ‘cookie cutter’ solution. Your best bet is to get in touch and we can see what fits your needs best.

How much do you charge?

We do not charge you anything for our services unless we are renting a property from you to sublease. In this case, we will negotiate a percentage of the gross monthly rent to pay you every month and we will keep the leftovers. However, we NEVER charge any fees or commissions for anything, regardless of the service we are providing. In fact, we typically cover the first $50 in monthly maintenance on the properties we lease so you can save even more money!

Is there any obligation when I give you my info?

Absolutely not! We are only interested in helping homeowners solve their home and rental problems. If we believe we are not the BEST solution to your problem, we will even go as far as helping you find the best solution outside of our company! We want every customer of ours to be 110% satisfied, and if you don't feel like you will be satisfied with us, we will not stop you from parting ways.

How are you different from a property manager?

When we lease a property from you, we are NOT acting as a property manager. We are merely leasing and subleasing and acting as a landlord. This has many benefits for you:

  1. Our contracts are infinitely flexible and we customize them for every owner.

  2. We NEVER charge fees. Typical property management companies charges fees for: maintenance, lease-up, new tenants, evictions, inspections, etc.

  3. Our tenant screening process ensures we only place the best of the best in your home. This helps up protect your property from damage and neglect.

  4. Our landlord systems and policies allow us to work with our tenants in ways not typical of any property managers. Our tenants tend to maintain the property as well/better than normal homeowners, and in many cases the tenants will improve the property at their expense!

  5. Since we are not contracted as property managers, we are not your AGENT. This means you cannot be sued because of something we do, so we keep you away from DANGEROUS LEGAL LIABILITY.