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We specialize in helping homeowners solve their problems... especially those problems which cause a HUGE financial hardship. If you are in a tough spot and it seems like there's no way out, CALL US TODAY!! Even if we cannot help you ourselves, we will reach out to everyone we know so you get the assistance you need. Our goal is that every customer be satisfied, even if its not with us

Are you looking for something better than typical property managers?

  • We are not property managers, and that's great for you!!

  • We operate through a lease contract, which allows us to be flexible. Traditional property managers are stuck with rules set by the state, but we are not. That means we can tailor our contract to fit your needs as an owner. On top of that, we don't charge any additional fees above and beyond the percentage of rent we take to pay the bills. That means you will never again be charged for a maintenance call-out, re-leasing a tenant, moving in a new tenant, inspecting a property, or ANYTHING ELSE. We negotiate a percentage of rent which we withhold, and that's all you'll ever be charged by us. We are also a small company with very little overhead, so we CAN ALWAYS CHARGE LESS than traditional property managers. WE EVEN COVER A PORTION OF MONTHLY MAINTENANCE OUT OF OUR POCKET SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!! That means we will cover the cost of basic things that a house needs and you'll never have to worry about those things again.

  • JUST BECAUSE WE CHARGE LESS, DOESN'T MEAN YOU GET LESS! We have adopted a system of landlording perfected over decades by a very successful landlord. This system helps us get and maintain higher quality tenants who are motivated to maintain and improve your house like it was there own. We look for long term tenants who will take care of your house well so you can live stress free.

  • We also leave a clause in all of our leases with owners that will let you drop us at any time. We want you to be 110% satisfied with our service, and if you aren't then you can cancel our contract without any penalty whatsoever. OUR SERVICES ARE RISK FREE!

  • sound too good to be true?? give us a call today and let us show you why you should switch from typical property management to a better way of life!!!

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